Me, a tarot reader

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Besides having a Bachelors in Economics, an MBA and a Certificate in Writing for Film and TV, I’ve always been very spiritual and mystical. One day, I decided to take a tarot course as a hobby … and I loved it! I’ve been to consultations before, but I’ve never in my life imagined myself reading cards for other people. I started to practice with friends and offer readings at some events. After a lot of “please read it for me” and also, after witnessing that my tarot has helped many people, I decided to offer consultations professionally and get out of my “gypsy closet”. By the way, I have a lot of “gypsy” in me… I’ve lived in several places – Brazil, US and abroad – and I love getting to know new cultures.

This blog unites two things that I love: writing and giving tarot advice. All content published here on this blog is my own. I hope these true stories amuse you a little, but also give you some insights. And when you need advice, write to my tarot. If I can help you in any way, I’ll be here with the right questions and card readings!

Rosane Grimberg

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