Corporate Paranoia

Throw the first stone the one who never got a little paranoid at work when his company undergoes changes, profits are low due to the economy and you need this job to pay your bills.
… then you come for a tarot consultation

Throw the first stone the one who never got a little paranoid at work when his company undergoes changes, profits are low due to the economy and you need this job to pay your bills.rods02

Well … then you come for a tarot consultation to know how to deal with your job’s instability. It may seem real- you often think your head is at stake when it’s not. You may turn your worst fears into reality just because you believe you’ll loose your job when that will not even happen. Let’s look at some situations that may be similar to your reality at the moment:

1st Scenario: You think your boss hates you. You think you’re going to lose your job. You work with sales. But the tarot assures you that you and your boss will be good friends, and there’s still plenty to celebrate. Why? Because he has nothing personal against you. He likes money. And when you make good deals, you become the office top employee. Sounds obvious, but it’s not, especially when you can’t close anything. The tarot advises you: don’t worry with your boss, don’t get depressed. Spend your time planting seeds because you WILL harvest your sales. The client doubts the tarot because he is so desperate. The tarot still shows he’ll be celebrating with his boss in the future. Yes, it happened to one of my clients!rods03

2nd Scenario: Your work at a big company, your leadership has changed and it’s a mess now. Everyday you go to work you have nothing to do, no projects at all. You think about sending your resume to other companies but your company is a market leader and it gives you some stability. The tarot tells you: don’t be upset with the moment, don’t rush into anything: wait and go with the flow. You will not lose your job because your boss doesn’t even know what to do, he’s still adapting. Work will be boring, there will be instability, but you’ll keep your job. Be patient: wait for this period to end. This tarot client still has his job but it’s still a mess. After six months, the client’s life trends have changed and the tarot advises that the consultant should start searching for other jobs … INSIDE the company. Interesting, right?

3rd Scenario: Both your boss and your company are in trouble. You think it has always been this way. You believe this situation won’t affect you. But the tarot warns you: this company is going to get into a lot of trouble and you’re probably going to lose that job overnight. So, save money, get organized, and start thinking about what you want to do: send your resume to other companies, start your own business, retire?

There are tons of stories about people who ask the tarot questions related to work, but each case is unique. The important thing to remember is:

07_chariot1) Don’t rush into things.

2) Don’t expect the worst… the old saying “every cloud has a silver lining” may be acting in your favor.

3) If a cloud of doubts is affecting your common sense, don’t wait too long: consult with a tarot reader + a mentor, psychic+ a coach, an astrologer + a headhunter or any other combination of heaven+ earth to help you get back to your senses, put your feet on the ground and your head in the right place. Then build your own strategy to attract opportunities.

It will work!

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