I bring your lover back in 3 days!

However, the curious thing that I have found is that when the tarot tells a client on the spot that he/she will fall in love, the person usually doesn’t believe it.

When I started this blog, I received some criticism regarding the name “Tarô da Rô” (which better translates to “Rose’s Tarot”). What to me seemed like a fun rhyme in Portuguese (sounds like tarow-da-row), to some sounded more like a fortune teller’s post on the wall, like “I bring your man back in 3 days”*. I accepted the suggestions to include my full name and place a “tarot reader” description instead. The comment made sense, because one thing is magic, the other is an oracle.trago a pessoa amada

It may be that using magic may attract your love faster. Instead, an oracle like the tarot often predicts that a new love may arrive as part of a new cycle, organically, without demanding you to cast a spell on someone else (like brewing coffee in the guy’s underwear, or writing the poor guy’s name on a piece of paper and leaving it in your freezer to conquer him)**.

A lot of people really want to get good news about their love prospects, but sometimes the person’s cycle indicates a period when they have to pay greater attention to other areas, such as work, money and stability. Once life’s priorities are taken care of, your path is open to find new love.

However, the curious thing that I have found is that when the tarot tells a client on the spot that he/she will fall in love, the person usually doesn’t believe it. Like in one of the consultations that I gave… the client was in a relationship that led nowhere. When I told her that she would soon find new love, she said, “Impossible! I’ve been with this guy for the last seven years and I doubt that I’ll meet anyone else.” A year later she returned with a smile on her face and told me how she met her new “King of Cups” when she least expected and that she was totally in love.

Another client had endured a marriage that had lost its sparkle a long time ago. She consulted the tarot from time to time for about two years to see if she could separate and start a new life, but the tarot wouldn’t give her a break. One fine day the Heavens gave her an ok. She got the oracular permission to finally get a divorce. The tarot also indicated that she would soon meet a new guy and start a serious relationship right away. “What do you mean? I’m going to meet someone else? I doubt it…”, she said. Well, it happened just like that!star wars lovers

There maybe a reason why people hesitate trusting these good news. Sometimes that same person has gone through so much that it’s hard to believe in love again. It reminds me of a Woody Allen movie in which a woman goes to a fortune teller who only predicts wonderful things. That same woman desperately complains to Woody about it. He tells her that instead of a card reader she really needed a good shrink, because she was so negative.

But if it’s through tarot cards, magic or simply life, the point is that no matter where the good news come from, when they come, open your heart. Because there is no better antidote to this crazy world than love.

* “I bring your love back in 3 days” is a sign that can be found in many places around Brazilian cities that fortune tellers /people who “cast spells” advertise. So they say, if someone breaks up with you, they may cast a spell on that person to come back and make up with you within 3 days from the consultation.

** Yes, some people do these crazy things!

*** Also, my blog believes in equality for men and women. Due to practical reasons, I wrote in the masculine, but I understand that everybody wants to find out things and fall in love with everybody: men+women, men+men, women+men and women+women.

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