Tarot, health and hygiene

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting São Paulo to take a tarot class related to health and therapies. In fact, to learn a technique in which from the tarot spread it can found if the person has a health problem. It was actually a class about diseases.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting São Paulo to take a tarot class related to health and therapies. In fact, to learn a technique in which from the tarot spread it can found if the person has a health problem. It was actually a class about diseases.Death

It’s interesting to notice how detailed the tarot can be. For example, you can identify problems in the endocrine system and pinpoint exactly the thyroid gland; or, if looking at the bones, talk specifically about the cervical spine. This is a particular technique that needs to follow rules. You may even distinguish different stages of progression of a certain a disease and find physical check-up alerts for a certain part of ​​the body. That’s very precise.

However, since tarot readers are not doctors nor want to take their places, the point is to give the client a warning if the spread shows something odd and suggest (or even beg) him/ her to go see a doctor. Investigating the client’s health is the icing on the cake of a consultation.

Since life is not all about work and workshops, I took advantage of my stay to see friends and relatives, as well as to enjoy the cultural side of São Paulo. This time I stayed with long time friends – almost like family to me. My friend’s husband is an executive who is always on the go and travels the world. He told us that during one of his Gulliver’s Travels, he had the pleasure of visiting Japan. He came back amazed, sharing all about Japan’s novelties, like the case of the high-tech Japanese toilet.

What exactly is this high-tech toilet? He explained to us that you sit on a heated seat, do what you have to do, and in the end there is a control panel on the wall where you can choose how to get cleaned (there is an integrated bidet): do you prefer warm water in the “front” or the “back”? How strong should the water jet be? And what about the blow dryer in the end: do you prefer a breeze or a hurricane?

We obviously laughed a lot about this, because we can’t quite understand how the jet angle is calculated, how it does not cause a tsunami in the bathroom and a thousand more other technical questions came up, even about the toilet paper market survival in the East.toilet

And what does this all have to do with Sao Paulo? Oh!!! My friend, her son and I went to see a new attraction at the renown Paulista Avenue: the “Japan House” – a global project sponsored by the Japanese government that works as a modern cultural center promoting the Japanese culture. The visit was wonderful: the building itself is a beautiful architectural project, there was an exhibition about bamboo art and we still had lunch at their Japanese restaurant and ate a typical Japanese recipe (which is not sushi nor sashimi … it’s more like the Japanese daily meal … light and healthy).

And to crown our visit, at the end my friend said that she was going to the bathroom. She came back with a huge smile and a twinkle in her eyes, and said, “Roseanne! You will not believe what’s in there! ” I quickly got it, “Really? I can’t believe it! Stay here, watch my bag, ‘cause now it’s my turn! ” How fabulous! Everything her husband said was true. I could stay there all afternoon, enjoying that permanent collection, that unusual spa.

As my poet cousin would say: the Japanese hygiene “eclipsed” the tarot’s health!

Author: Rosane - Taróloga & Numeróloga Tarot & Numerology

Eu, taróloga Sou formada em Economia, tenho mestrado em Administração e estudei roteiros para TV e cinema. Sempre fui bem espiritual e esotérica, e um dia resolvi fazer um curso de tarô por hobby...e amei! Já tinha ido a consultas, mas nunca me imaginei tirando cartas para outras pessoas. Comecei a treinar com amigos e oferecer de tirar cartas em alguns eventos. Depois de muito “tira pra mim?” e também de eu ver na pele que o meu tarô já ajudou muitas pessoas, decidi oferecer consultas profissionalmente e assumir meu lado “cigana”. De cigana, aliás, tenho muito. Já morei em vários lugares, no Brasil e fora, e adoro conhecer novas culturas. Resolvi, com esse blog, unir duas coisas que amo: escrever e dar conselhos de tarô. Todo conteúdo publicado no blog é de minha autoria. Espero que essas histórias verídicas te divirtam um pouco mas que também te dêem uma luz. E quando precisar de conselhos, escreve pro meu tarô. Rosane

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