Trauma-free tarot

And it was during one of these encounters that I came across a dear health professional that asked me, “So you’re a tarot reader? My mother also reads tarot cards.”

Some people think that tarot readers check their cards all the time to know every single thing in life, even to replace the weather guy and ask if should/ should not take a coat when leaving home. Housewives_Tarot_8That’s because in these climate change days the weather report may not be enough… a little help from the cards can increase the forecast accuracy. It never hurts caring a jacket though, since air conditioning can freeze your bones too.

But back to the subject tarot and its futilities… Can you believe that a number of close friends ask me to check over the simplest things (because they’ve obviously had already done a complete Mandala reading), while I – and some other readers I know – hardly ever consult the tarot? The reason being is that it’s better to have a colleague read the cards for me and give me a decent prediction, than having me open my own tarot spread only to manipulate my own future according to what I want to happen.

There was a time when I was studying to get a public sector job (with the Brazilian Government- which is almost as hard as passing a Bar Exam) that I would constantly consult with the tarot: “Am I going to pass this exam and get the job?” The answer was always yes. If it was that easy to read it for myself, according to those answers, by now I could be advising the President! Does that mean that tarot cards are a waste of time? Of course not! It only means that when you are emotionally attached to the problem, you’d better ask another reader to answer your question. It’s like a surgeon who does not operate his own son, but asks another very good doctor to operate him.

And then you ask me: so you NEVER check anything with your cards? Yes, but rarely. And that’s where our story begins… Since my blog is still a 3-month-old baby, I go around doing some advertising with people who I know (and who I don’t too). And it was during one of these encounters that I came across a dear health professional that asked me, “So you’re a tarot reader? My mother also reads tarot cards.”

housewives-queen-of-wands“Oh, that’s so cool”, I replied, “you probably ask her everything, right?” She quickly answered: “No! And I’ve never had anyone read it or me. Can you believe that when I was a teenager, one day I arrived home late at night, only to see my mom waiting for me, very angry, holding her tarot deck?

Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for her to arrive. When she stepped into the house, the mother was already shuffling the cards and, in a dry tone, demanded: “Sit here! Now! Pick three cards!” The poor girl sat down, drew the cards from the deck. The mother read the spread, looked at her with a very nasty face and finally said: “That’s all I wanted to know!” And spent days without talking to her!


I asked her if she had really done something “wrong”. She replied, with a cheerful smile: “Of course!” Anyway, I thought she hated tarot cards, but she actually loved the idea of me reading for her.

More than a reading, I freed her from a tarot trauma!

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