Domestic Impeachment

Lately, some leaders (from countries that we all know) are facing rumors of an eventual ejection from power. This is something we can’t ignore at all. Likewise, let’s talk about when YOU ask the tarot if it’s the right time for a “domestic impeachment”… better known as a divorce.

Lately, some leaders (from countries that we all know) are facing rumors of an eventual ejection from power. This is something we can’t ignore at all. Likewise, let’s talk about when YOU ask the tarot if it’s the right time for a “domestic impeachment”… better known as a divorce.morte

As I mentioned earlier, the tarot analyzes your current life and future trends. You can ask it if certain choices are best suited to a particular moment and get a very direct orientation. However, the tarot can also show a different option that you haven’t imagined before.

At a certain stage, you may have opportunities to find love. Other times, your love life can lead to commitment and finally to marriage. But once you get married and live with someone, a lot of things may change: mostly you and the other person. And a tarot spread can show you if the time is right to rock your boat.Klimt Lovers

It turns out that instead of rushing to call it quits, sometimes it’s more important to get financially fit first. You keep married; invest in your career and save money. This leads to a more structured situation that will allow you to choose if you still want a divorce. Just the fact that you’ve invested in your career and made some money can already improve your self-esteem. You’ll become more confident to make a crystal clear decision if it’s still worth it to “break the chains of love”. Maybe now you’re more upbeat, you have more fun. You’re no longer a burden to your partner because now there is another source of income. This creates less conflict, less pressure and you may restore your relationship.

In some other stage of life, you’ll definitely get a divorce, however, not as fast as you want, maybe a year later (for example). “Heaven” makes you wait to mature and learn something in the process. Once you divorce, you may even find a new love very quickly. But having to wait is always hard when you’ve lost all emotional ties and still have to live under the same roof for a while. In this case, it would be best to try to learn from this period. Somehow you’ll find out that the wait brought you insights that you didn’t have before. And when it’s time to really move forward and sign the divorce papers (or just leave the house), you can look back and understand why life made you wait.Three Gustav Klimt

A totally different matter is when you want to get a divorce because you believe that you’re being cheated on. You ask the tarot, “Is he /she cheating on me?”. Looking at your situation, the tarot just replies: “How is your relationship with yourself?” and advises you that instead of thinking of betrayal and divorce, you should focus on yourself. You think, “What does this mean?”poderosa

This means that the greatest betrayal is not liking yourself, not trusting yourself and not respecting your own needs – when the divorce between who you really are and how you’re living you life has already happened. You’ve distanced yourself from your very essence and now you’re paying a very high price.

As you go back to listen to your own heart, your own intuition, maybe the world around you remains the same, but you won’t need to change anything because your perspective on things has changed. You’re happier inside. And that will change everything around you, naturally, for better.

Author: Rosane - Taróloga & Numeróloga Tarot & Numerology

Eu, taróloga Sou formada em Economia, tenho mestrado em Administração e estudei roteiros para TV e cinema. Sempre fui bem espiritual e esotérica, e um dia resolvi fazer um curso de tarô por hobby...e amei! Já tinha ido a consultas, mas nunca me imaginei tirando cartas para outras pessoas. Comecei a treinar com amigos e oferecer de tirar cartas em alguns eventos. Depois de muito “tira pra mim?” e também de eu ver na pele que o meu tarô já ajudou muitas pessoas, decidi oferecer consultas profissionalmente e assumir meu lado “cigana”. De cigana, aliás, tenho muito. Já morei em vários lugares, no Brasil e fora, e adoro conhecer novas culturas. Resolvi, com esse blog, unir duas coisas que amo: escrever e dar conselhos de tarô. Todo conteúdo publicado no blog é de minha autoria. Espero que essas histórias verídicas te divirtam um pouco mas que também te dêem uma luz. E quando precisar de conselhos, escreve pro meu tarô. Rosane

2 thoughts on “Domestic Impeachment”

  1. I am always being asked yes/no questions and I tend to shy away from them. Will I get the job? if the answer is no, that doesn’t seem to do much for the querent. How do you handle yes/no questions?


    1. First you need to have them tell you a time frame. A person may not get that job in 6 months, but be contacted in a year and get the job. Another thing to do is have a Celtic Cross spread, where you see the entire situation and the person gets an advice. Many times, I see the advice is to make more contacts, talk to other companies too. Sometimes, with a Temperance, it tells the person to wait a while, before looking for a new job. Did I help you?


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