Almost Hogwarts

“Almost” is what I’d like to think … there’s a long way from my tarot classes to become Harry Potter’s British wizarding school. I would love to be in that place. But how did I learn to read tarot cards?

“Almost” is what I’d like to think … there’s a long way from my tarot classes to become Harry Potter’s British wizarding school. I would love to be in that place. But how did I learn to read tarot cards?The magician

My family has an esoteric tradition, passing the cards secret down from generation to generation. My grandmother was a famous French fortune-teller… I don’t think so! I already told you in this blog’s first article that my mother was a little spooked when I told her that I had been to a fortune teller (I was only 16). And that moving on, I’ve met several tarot readers, each with a different reading style, and that I’ve always loved these mystical subjects.

And for loving it so much, one fine day, years ago, I was looking for some activity to play as a hobby and I found some tarot lessons. I thought, “Hmm, that must be a lot of fun.” That’s how I ended up in a room at the back of a large mystic bookstore, with about twenty other people waiting for our first class to begin.

The teacher arrived and introduced himself… super nice and charismatic. A sweetheart. He then asked the students to speak a little about themselves and about any psychic experience they had in the past. One man said that once, he touched a raffle ticket that he wanted to buy, and the paper ticket instantly became really hot, almost burning his fingers. He was then certain that he would win with that ticket. And he did. One woman told us that she had premonitions. Another read Lenormand cards (“gypsy cards”). Some students just wanted to take the class out of curiosity. One girl said that she could talk to animals (I also talk to my Shitzu all day, but she listens and understands what they say… really! … like Eddie Murphy in “Dr. Dolittle”). I found it incredible that such classroom gathered so many people with different psychic experiences.

Every week we came back for another exciting class. We practiced reading short tarot spreads for each other. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes one person had a question and the whole class interpreted the reading together.

During the last class, one of the students asked the tarot: “Will we continue to see each other and be friends once this course is over?” The tarot‘s answer was very straightforward: “It’s up to you.” From then on, he took the initiative to collect names, phones, and emails, and to organize weekly meetings.

We practiced reading the spreads, discussed mystical matters and always had a “special guest” who participated in our meeting to have his/her cards read by the group. 8 of pentaclesAt each meeting we also shared our real world doubts and problems, safely exposed in that environment, just as if we were confiding to a group of therapists. Great friendships came out of this study group and we’re still in touch. Once in a while, I take other classes to learn special tarot techniques, and I end up meeting other interesting people.4 wands

Now that you know how it all started for me (regarding the tarot), I ask you: what do you love? What have you always wanted to learn and never started? Cooking classes for puppies? Tap dancing with the stars? Painting ceilings? How to create video games that burn calories?

So go ahead, research and find something that makes you happy! Begin these classes as soon as possible. Make new friends. People you feel good with. And who knows, maybe you’ll soon be telling us about your “Almost Cordon Bleu”, “Almost Picasso”, “Almost Broadway”.

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