The same way you confess to your therapist that you do things considered socially bizarre, you directly ask your tarot reader, almost as if asking the maître if they have fried calamari: “Could you please check if a magic spell has been cast on me?”

Yes, we’ve already talked about Lala Land, but now let’s visit a land where many believe in evil eye, curse, black magic, evil spirits, witchery, anyway … in spells. Do you know this place?


As you might expect, in Spell-land, it is taboo to speak directly about “You Know What because, as Harry Potter would say, just in speaking of the subject you may already attract it… However, the same way you confess to your therapist that you do things considered socially bizarre, you directly ask your tarot reader, almost as if asking the maître if they have fried calamari: “Could you please check if a magic spell has been cast on me?” What do you mean??

Example: “Last week I fell from the ladder when I was getting a book from the shelf (I swear this never happened to me before), I tripped twice on the street, I slipped on the wet floor and broke my little toe walking home! Why are these things happening to me?”. You can have a “spell diagnostic” in a tarot reading and the following can come up:

1) A magic spell has really been cast on you … this can happen because someone:

– wants to take revenge on some situation (and you had it coming);

– envies you (and you need to learn to protect yourself);

– wished some horrible fate upon you (and it may have nothing to do with anything you have done – this is just a miserable person);

– nothing- it’s you who attracted negative energies or an evil spirit (maybe because you are a medium and don’t know how to deal with it);

2) There is no magic spell at all, but this is karma;

3) There is no spell, this is not karma, but you have made wrong decisions in life and now you are paying for it in the material world.

But when the tarot confirms that there is really something strange going on, you’d better adopt a spiritual diet, that is: to clean your energy, to pray, to seek spiritual help or have someone remove the magic spell cast on you, etc.

Once you’re spell free, how about… becoming more spiritual? wishing good things for others and understanding that the Joneses’ happiness do not interfere with your own? thanking your Guardian Angels and God for all the good things you have in life?

The best way to shield yourself from evil is by…temperança

… Being honest – even when no one is looking and you have the chance to take some advantage.

… Doing good things and helping others on a daily basis – without expecting anything in return.

… Believing in a God of love and light and thinking positive – for you and for the world.

Finally, continue attending spiritual services, because in the present times, the problem is not anymore that co-worker who tries to sabotage your career, or that “frienemy” who wants to steal your boyfriend. The world is nervous. Spell-land can be anywhere.

But the Age of Aquarius has some news for you: instead of waiting for a “Savior”, each of us can do a little for ourselves and for who is within our reach. And if we multiply the good by 7.5 billion people, this “Savior” will come here, smile and finally be able to take a vacation. Spell-land became Nirvanaland.

Author: Rosane - Taróloga & Numeróloga Tarot & Numerology

Eu, taróloga Sou formada em Economia, tenho mestrado em Administração e estudei roteiros para TV e cinema. Sempre fui bem espiritual e esotérica, e um dia resolvi fazer um curso de tarô por hobby...e amei! Já tinha ido a consultas, mas nunca me imaginei tirando cartas para outras pessoas. Comecei a treinar com amigos e oferecer de tirar cartas em alguns eventos. Depois de muito “tira pra mim?” e também de eu ver na pele que o meu tarô já ajudou muitas pessoas, decidi oferecer consultas profissionalmente e assumir meu lado “cigana”. De cigana, aliás, tenho muito. Já morei em vários lugares, no Brasil e fora, e adoro conhecer novas culturas. Resolvi, com esse blog, unir duas coisas que amo: escrever e dar conselhos de tarô. Todo conteúdo publicado no blog é de minha autoria. Espero que essas histórias verídicas te divirtam um pouco mas que também te dêem uma luz. E quando precisar de conselhos, escreve pro meu tarô. Rosane

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