Digital Journal

One day, a friend wrote on Facebook: “Only here, that a such a bad year seems to have been so spectacular!”.
As a tarot reader, it’s very interesting to see what a person posts compared to what they tell me during a consultation.

One day, a friend wrote on Facebook: “Only here, that a such a bad year seems to have been so spectacular!”.four of cups

When we get into any social media, we notice that many people look gorgeous and “happy ever after.” As a tarot reader, it is very interesting to see that, for example, the same person who is trying to get a divorce, posts a picture with her/his partner on their anniversary, toasting with champagne glasses.

Other people, in difficult times, show themselves at wonderful parties, as if life were always flowers – “La Dolce Vita.” Then they have a consultation with me and tell a very different story. On the other hand, a lot of people complain that social media is a center of envy, a door to bragging great travels, expensive restaurants and a jet-set life that doesn’t always correspond to reality.

But how about changing this perspective? Now your social media becomes a list of gratitude to yourself, and not a means of comparison with others. Now, your Facebook forces you to look at your best moments, your family, your partner, … making you rethink that life is really made of ups and downs.

ten of cupsBetter register the ups in an Instagram, so that when we’re down, we have beautiful trips, good friends and celebrations to remember and boost our spirits.

Better register a party on Facebook, so that you receive likes from friends that are far away, but still love you, even though they don’t have time to call.

Better give a virtual “Happy Birthday” to that person that you are not that close, but even so, just that short note already brings her/him a smile on such a special day.

From this new angle, if today you’re sad, look again at your own timeline and review your pictures. Lift your head up high, take a refreshing bath, put on some perfume, make yourself gorgeous, take another selfie … and post it!

… now on your own “Digital Gratitude Journal“.

Author: Rosane - Taróloga & Numeróloga Tarot & Numerology

Eu, taróloga Sou formada em Economia, tenho mestrado em Administração e estudei roteiros para TV e cinema. Sempre fui bem espiritual e esotérica, e um dia resolvi fazer um curso de tarô por hobby...e amei! Já tinha ido a consultas, mas nunca me imaginei tirando cartas para outras pessoas. Comecei a treinar com amigos e oferecer de tirar cartas em alguns eventos. Depois de muito “tira pra mim?” e também de eu ver na pele que o meu tarô já ajudou muitas pessoas, decidi oferecer consultas profissionalmente e assumir meu lado “cigana”. De cigana, aliás, tenho muito. Já morei em vários lugares, no Brasil e fora, e adoro conhecer novas culturas. Resolvi, com esse blog, unir duas coisas que amo: escrever e dar conselhos de tarô. Todo conteúdo publicado no blog é de minha autoria. Espero que essas histórias verídicas te divirtam um pouco mas que também te dêem uma luz. E quando precisar de conselhos, escreve pro meu tarô. Rosane

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