The tarot versatility

Most people go to a fortuneteller, tarot reader and other psychics waiting for predictions of what will happen in their lives. Have you ever imagined doing the opposite? Coming up with a list of projects, explaining what you want out of life and asking the tarot to help you separate the wheat from the tares?7 ouros

The tarot is an oracle that guides and advises you when you yourself do not have the clarity to make your own decisions. It is at YOUR service, for you to improve YOUR own life. So let’s say you want work advice. Let’s look at two examples that happened to my clients (and happen all the time):

1) Job Interviews: The client is in transition, wants to change his/her life and is contacting several companies.

This happened to Clara (another fictitious name- obviously), a technology executive who worked for many years in a market-leading company. She took a great severance package, left her firm and spent some time off, enjoying life. After so many years in the industry, and after making the most out of her long vacations, she began to miss that hectic life and decided to get back into the market to look for something similar to the job she once had. Confident, she told me that she was talking to three companies, let’s call them: A, B and C.

Clara really wanted to work for A, a well-respected company in an interesting niche within the high-tech industry that seemed to have a great future. She had had her interview and was waiting for the manager to get back in touch with her. Clara was really annoyed with Company B because they had the “nerve” to say that the next interview would be in a presentation format. Just to think of all the preparation for this interview was discouraging, and probably a waste of her time. Company C had contacted, interviewed and liked her, but it was Clara who did not see much future in that one. And what did the tarot say?4-of-cups-fenestra1

A – “The interviewer will not be calling you back, at least not in the next 6 months. So don’t stop everything waiting for this company to hire you.” And just like the tarot predicted, he never called her back. Next, please!

B – “Get ready and make the presentation. You will end up getting an offer with a very attractive salary. The worst that can happen is that you do not want to work there. But just having that offer at hand will make you feel more confident to interview and negotiate with other companies. ” Clara made the presentation (now more relaxed, knowing that they would offer her a job). She passed the interview and was really offered a job with a decent pay.

 C – “They will offer you a job. It won’t pay as much as B, but you will have more power and you may have better chances to grow professionally.” C did make her and offer and Clara took it, because she chose career growth instead of just a high paying job.

Nowadays she is working really hard at C and has a good chance to make a lot of money in sales. Just like any other person would, Clara sometimes regrets that she did not go straight to B making more money from the get-go. But she knows that if she goes back job-hunting now, she has gained more experience and is more likely to land a job with A, the company she really wanted to work for.9 of pentacles- fenestra

2) Choosing the right project: a producer had three projects to choose from in order to develop her next feature film. Just like in the case of job interviews, the tarot has helped her see which project would shine, which would be canceled and on which one she should place her bets.

These cases are just a few examples. It could have been a choice of neighborhoods, college,… YOU bring your options and the tarot helps you make a choice. It means leaving a deterministic view behind, in which your fate is set in stone, and instead, adopting the idea that you are the one who make the rules. It’s your free will. And once again, this shows the tarot versatility.

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