Just out of curiosity

What happens when you think that you came for a tarot reading “just out of curiosity” and instead the cards give you a very important message? This happened to a client who was unhappy with work and felt that the tarot could shed a bit of light on some of her issues.

What happens when you think that you came for a tarot reading “just out of curiosity” and instead the cards give you a very important message? This happened to a client, Marcela*, who was unhappy with work and felt that the tarot could shed a bit of light on some of her issues. So she came to get clarity on what to do regarding her job, but there was nothing really serious about it.

Analyzing her astrological mandala spread for the coming months, the tarot showed that she had to start investing in courses to expand her career options. No real changes would happen in terms of work for that specific period.

However, a big red flag appeared in another area of her life that she did not even expect: Paul’s * health. In the 7th House of the “other” (partners, companions, boyfriends, husbands…), the letter NINE OF SPADES combined with the MOON alerted that her partner Paul was very worried about something that he was not sharing with her. From the observation of other cards, the problem was clearly just with him alone.Nove de Espadas

I told her: “Keep an eye on Paul, because he is having some serious trouble. This has nothing to do with you two. Your relationship is great. It’s like he’s in a depression or he has some health problem that he’s not telling you. ”

She didn’t get why that card appeared, because his routine was that of an athlete. In addition to giving tennis lessons, he used to work out and play soccer every weekend. “But he looks great, with perfect health!” she replied.

“Well, we’re looking into predictions for the next months. There may be a problem. This warning is not meant to scare you. The only reason something like this would come up on your tarot spread is because somehow you’ll need to HELP him”. She hesitated, thinking that this was a bit surreal … until …

A month later she called me and said, “Rosane, you won’t believe it! Paul told me that he’s been having short of breath when he plays tennis”. Since she was already on alert from her tarot reading, she paid attention to a comment that would normally pass by unnoticed. And then she insisted that he go get a medical checkup.

Paul started to take several blood and stress tests prescribed by a cardiologist. All results came back normal with nothing to worry about. Then one night he felt very sick. Marcela insisted that he go to a different cardiologist.

The new physician asked him to take additional imaging tests and a cardiac catheterization procedure. After this last procedure, which was more invasive and required hospitalization, the doctor entered his room said: “Paul, you’ll only leave this hospital after you have an open heart surgery! Your arteries are clogged and you are lucky to still be alive, because you could have had a heart attack a long time ago”. And he did have a heart surgery in that same week.Betty Boop Enfermeira

Marcela stood by him through the entire process helping with his recovery.

Was it really chance that led her to this appointment? Or were her Guardian Angels that wanted to save her companion’s life?

And they did save his life, because now he looks great! The two of them are still together enjoying life, with one detail: after this episode, she confessed that at the beginning of that year, during Mardi Gras, the couple partied dressed as a nurse and patient. Finally, she confessed: “I’ll never use that costume in my lifetime ever again!”

* The names were changed to preserve the couple’s identity.

Author: Rosane - Taróloga & Numeróloga Tarot & Numerology

Eu, taróloga Sou formada em Economia, tenho mestrado em Administração e estudei roteiros para TV e cinema. Sempre fui bem espiritual e esotérica, e um dia resolvi fazer um curso de tarô por hobby...e amei! Já tinha ido a consultas, mas nunca me imaginei tirando cartas para outras pessoas. Comecei a treinar com amigos e oferecer de tirar cartas em alguns eventos. Depois de muito “tira pra mim?” e também de eu ver na pele que o meu tarô já ajudou muitas pessoas, decidi oferecer consultas profissionalmente e assumir meu lado “cigana”. De cigana, aliás, tenho muito. Já morei em vários lugares, no Brasil e fora, e adoro conhecer novas culturas. Resolvi, com esse blog, unir duas coisas que amo: escrever e dar conselhos de tarô. Todo conteúdo publicado no blog é de minha autoria. Espero que essas histórias verídicas te divirtam um pouco mas que também te dêem uma luz. E quando precisar de conselhos, escreve pro meu tarô. Rosane

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