Tarot X Crisis

Is the country’s economic situation necessarily yours? One client consulted the tarot to see what the trends were for her following six months.

Carnival is over and you’re back to reality. The “day after syndrome”… But is the country’s economic situation necessarily yours?*

One client, Gloria **, very concerned about returning to the job market, consulted the tarot to see what the trends were for her following six months. Clever and determined, she had worked at several corporations for many years – a stellar career. She had succeeded to the point where work pressure began to undermine her personal life. She was trying to get pregnant for the last five years with no results. 4_of_pentacles

She then decided to do what many would consider a great risk: quit the company where she has been working and take a sabbatical year to focus on her own health and quality of life. Maybe then she would finally get pregnant. And she did get pregnant, had a beautiful baby, and still enjoyed a few months of unpaid “maternity leave”.

Gloria began to think about how she would transition back into her executive life. She decided to do some consulting because she could work from home, get a few projects and network with companies to finally get a good job. Another year has gone by. Consulting only brought her promises of large projects. No real money so far. She kept saying, “I’m investing,” but she was already very stressed out about her financial situation.

The tarot was spread. What a surprise! A sudden career change would bring in more money. The 6th Astrological House that refers to job and service showed that she would work with something familiar. Her 5th House of pleasure showed almost nothing, as if she had no time for it, because she would be working really hard. The entire spread was all about money, stability and work.

Gloria would get a great job, in a large corporation, that would pay her well. I said: “Get rid of this consulting gig right away because it’s not taking you anywhere. It’s just wasting your time. If you sit your ass all day long in front of your computer and network through LinkedIn or anything else, you’ll get a good job fast. And the interviewing process will be quick too. But as soon as you get home, you have to go straight to making contacts, all day long until that job comes to fruition.”ace_of_pentacles6

She then asked: “How can this be with such an economic crisis? I’ve already interviewed with other companies and no one is hiring.” “It can happen because this window is open for YOU, and it has nothing to do with the job market. This is a phase in YOUR life when you can get back to working and making money.” In two months she started talking to a multinational, which took a little more than a month to hire her. Exactly as the tarot predicted: a good job, doing something that she already had experience with.

What about YOU? Are you worried with the job market? Are you sure this is YOUR crisis? Who knows, maybe this is also YOUR moment. Who knows, maybe God has saved a great opportunity just for YOU. So stop comparing yourself to others, mind YOUR own business, YOUR own destiny and go get it.! “Action = Solution”. If you are on the right track and if it is YOUR time, doors will open, whether global economy is good or bad. Because every crisis also brings opportunities. And what is YOURS nobody can take away from you.

* The article was written reflecting Brazil’s current economic crisis.

** Fictitious name to preserve the client’s identity.

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