BFF tarot

At the end of a consultation, a client wanted to know if she would speak again to her friend, because they had had a fight.

At the end of a consultation, Thelma*, a client, wanted to know if she would speak again to her friend Vivian*, because they had had a fight. The two were neighbors and went everywhere together, like “super twins activate!” **. One had even helped the other to find an apartment in the same building.

After a while, Vivian’s former colleague, Naira, decided to move back to Rio. The most practical solution found was to become roomates, so while one would make a little money, the other would have a place to stay. The duo became a trio. Thelma, Vivian and Naira turned inseparable… But NOT so much …

Deep down, Thelma resented a little that the other two stayed together most of the time. But, of course, since sharing an apartment, they became almost like sisters. But she also had her own life, and one fine evening, she decided to host a dinner party for her work friends.

Beer goes, beer comes, and the laughter grew louder, to the point that the neighbors Vivian and Naira noticed that there was some activity going on in Thelma’s apt. They called her, but she did not answer, busy with her friends. They tried again. No answer. The “sisters” were intrigued: how could it be? So much noise, and Thelma was not be there? Had someone broken into her friend’s apartment ?? Was their friend in trouble? They decided to move fast.

They rang the bell, and to Thelma’s surprise, the neighbors were carrying two huge knives, ready to protect her friend from any harm. It was a very weird situation, almost like “Here is Johnny!”. Thelma’s co-workers found it surreal. The neighbors were embarrassed and felt a bit awkward that they had not been invited to the party. And Telma was fuming, finding her friends’ attitude ridiculous, blaming them for being jealous because they were left out of the party. In sum: they stopped talking to each other. A total inconvenience at the lobby, the elevator, and the near market when they crossed a path.

And back to our question, the tarot showed the story right … but the side of Vivian, who had actually thought that someone strange had come into Thelma’s apartment and went there, with all the courage, to rescue the other. Worse, she felt that her effort was in vain. She was very upset, thinking that Thelma ignored her, therefore no longer deserved her friendship. Telma had to understand that Vivian had really tried to help her.

“What is this face?” I said, “Didn’t I tell you that you guys will be friends again? You’ll be happy with that.” Thelma looked at the tarot cards with a long face, worried that she had to be the one to take the first step to make up with her friends.3-of-cups

Every story has two sides, but when you ask for a tarot advice, you have to know that the truth will not necessarily be yours. Worst of all, the oracle could ask you to do something that you’re not ready, like calling someone to sing “I just called … to say … I’m sorry!” In the end, it’s a win-win. The humility of apologizing is worth it. A good friendship can last forever, but we have to deal with the ups and downs.

And what happened to these creatures, you ask me? Of coooourse they are super happy, probably bar hopping together and enjoying an intense agenda during this Carnival!

* Names were changed to preserve the identity of those involved.

** For you, who did not understand, “super twins activate!” refers back to the Super Twins, a couple of alien twin siblings (from the cartoon “Superfriends“) who could turn their powers “on” or “off” when they join hands.

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