Politically incorrect tarot

In theory, the tarot is a personal oracle. But after your consultation, that curiosity hits: who will win the election?

In theory, the tarot is a personal oracle. But after your consultation, that curiosity hits: who will win the election?

In September 2014, when Dilma Rousseff* ran for her second presidential term, a client asked to see if she would win the election. I was a little uncomfortable, and replied that I had never used the cards for this kind of question. But she insisted, and I opened the spread. It showed that Dilma was losing badly, but that, at the very end, she would take a 180 degrees turn and win. And that’s exactly what happened. Dilma was elected president.medieval-scapini-deck-the-empress

In October 2016, another client in New York, after her consultation (yes, tarot works through Skype!), worried about the American elections, asked to see if Hillary would be elected. She, a declared liberal, was thrilled when the answer was a beautiful YES. She decided to poke the tarot further, and asked, “Now check Trump”. The result was very positive as well, and I, confused, could never imagine that the two of them could really win the election, I tried to interpret what, in my mind, was absurd: “It’s very good for Trump too. I can only imagine that, since he works with entertainment and reality shows, he will take some advantage of the presidential race and promote himself, make good money,… uhh… I don’t know …”.

And what do we learn from these two situations?

First, regarding the US, the mistake was the inaccuracy of the question, which should have been, “Will Hillary be the next president?” or, “Will Trump be the next president?” This way, even if Hillary won the popular vote, and Trump, the Electoral College, the tarot could give the precise answer. Open-ended questions lead to inaccurate answers.

But, what about Dilma’s case, that the question was accurate?medieval-scapini-deck-the-emperor

Knowing the near future doesn’t mean having the key to it all. Dilma was re-elected at the end of October 2014, but about a year and a half later, at the end of August 2016, the Senate approved her impeachment.

Conclusion: don’t try to find out everything that will happen. The tarot gives you a hint. But when the future is concealed and you’re not allowed to know what really is going to happen, it doesn’t matter the answer, because in a second, everything can change.

But then you insist: What will happen to this Trump term?

Only God knows!

* Brazilian President

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